Peachonfuse, as well as being a musician, is the owner of the “sproutail” label. Born in Tokyo, Japan she has currently moved and is now active in Berlin. She started her music career in 2011. Her sweet whispering voice and electronic sound is her signature style, which, for many, seems to recall universally held sensitive emotions. She set up the indie label “sproutail” in February 2015 and released her 1st album “meshes in a dream” in November, 2014. She also joined an electronic music event “Morph Festival” in Korea in August, 2014, and appeared on the internet radio program “dublab” in L.A. in March, 2015. Going a step further, she has been actively collaborating with other artists and musicians, and her talent reaches as far as modeling jobs and various other management activities. 

東京都生まれ。ベルリン在住。人々が持つ繊細な感情を思い起こすようなエレクトロニックトラックに、 ロリータボイスを乗せて行くスタイルで2011年より主に電子音楽イベントを中心に活動。 2014年2月より”sproutail”レーベルを立ち上げ、同年11月に1st albumを”meshes in a dream"リリース。2014年8月韓国の電子音楽フェス”MorphFastival”,2015年3月にはL.Aのネットラジオ局“dublab”に出演。コラボレーション制作なども勢力的に行い、 マネージャーやモデルとしても独自の活動を行っている。